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Gilbert Vicario Testimonial

Gilbert Vicario - Assistant Curator, ICA Boston

I am an assistant curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Boston. I first heard about REAL ART from a friend of mine who tried it. I was skeptical at first, because it seemed difficult to believe that one product alone could eliminate all the steps a curator has to go through to authenticate a real artist and weed out all the charlatans. But he sent me the link to the REAL ART website and I tried it. And you know, it worked! I just followed the simple step-by-step instructions and before I knew it, I had my answer. I mean, ITӏ EASY AND RELIABLE! Now, I tell everyone I see, you have to try it yourself! Itવst one of the greatest time-saving tools ever! No lying!

Giani de Lorenzo Testimonial

Giani de Lorenzo - Art Dealer and Collector

I come from a family of collectors specializing in contemporary art. I recently tried the REAL ART testing service, and now I donਡve to do all the tedious footwork that other collectors have to doore auctions, no more openings, and no more art fairs! I just look at the list I get from REAL ART Labs, and I only invest in artists that are certified. What a godsend!

Ruben Guitierrez Testimonial

Ruben Guitierrez - Former Artist

I finally feel free! I can forget about all the frustration of the art business and move on. I used to be a painter, but I never really knew just how poor the quality of my work was. Until, that is, I discovered REAL ART! Now, the pressure is off, the rejection letters have stopped, and all my artist friends have nothing to make fun of! I feel like a new man! I঩nally free, and now I can focus on something else, like maybe starting my own business, or even starting a family! Thank you, REAL ART!

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